01 Life at RLY

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Radiant Light Yoga Brussels, we hosted an Open Door Day which turned out to be wonderfully packed of good yoga fun.
The first lesson was given by Linda and Lindell, two fabulous teachers who at first sight thought they did not have much in common, but soon after ended up being an inseparable duo. Read about their adventures in the next issue of Radiant Living!

After some refreshments and making new connections, the second lesson of the day was led by Robert. The lesson began with a brief introduction to the origins of yoga and his personal road to discovering yoga.
Having found yoga to be key for healing his back pain, his teaching draws from a deep knowledge of working with body ailments and different body types.
Read Robert's Yoga Notes column here

For the third lesson Meghan rocked the room into a dynamic Flow, with smiles on the faces of her students.
With warmed up bodies and souls, it felt heavenly to be guided by Kristen into a Restorative pose to close the wonderful day.

Thank you all for making the day so special! Stay tuned for Kristen demonstrating a Restorative pose that you can enjoy at home in the next issue of Radiant Living!