01 Playlist


Wesley's students often ask about the music she plays during her classes. Here is a sneak peak at her favorites!

1. You’ve Got Me Thinking
The Beloved-Conscience

2. Here We Are (Original mix)
Spiral System & Lottie Child - Here We Are - EP

3. So’Ham
Dave Dale & Nadaji - Mantra Rocks

4. Grizzly Bear
Angus & Julia Stone

5. Win and Win
Alanis Morissette - Havoc and Bright Lights

6. Edge of the World
Mark Wilkinson - Hand Picked

7. The Devil’s Tears
Angus and Julia Stone - Down The Way

8. Middle Ground
Mark Wilkinson - Hand Picked

9. Floating Sweetness
DJ Drez - Putumayo Presents World Yoga

10. Chakra Journey
Anugama - Shamanic Dream

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