02 Editorial

I’ve spent more time lately paying attention to what is bringing me a sense of joy and contentment. Feeling the relaxed resonance of our recent holiday, the words of one of my teachers has emerged into my consciousness: ‘Create a life where you don’t need a vacation from your life’. This inspires me.

Sources of inspiration are all around us. Making time for creativity, for quiet reflection, for sharing in the company of friends, for listening, for being with someone you love, for reading, for your own practice, for trying something new, being in nature. The more I teach yoga, the more I value being a student. Attending workshops and trainings bring me a deeper sense of intention and inspiration.

Way before I did my first yoga teacher training, I remember the dawning moments of clarity when I realised that what I had learned in my yoga classes was actually applicable in my everyday life. In choir practice, the focus on breathing was incredibly resonant of pranayama practice. At a doctor’s appointment, I was aware of how useful it was to progressively relax muscles in my body. In conversations I became aware that I was rehearsing a response to what people were saying, rather than really listening to them. So gradually I started to pay more attention. Nothing particularly technical or complicated, but just being awake to what inspired me to a more conscious life.

Each day I continue this practice of paying attention and I have learned that it is not something that we ever ‘finish’ doing. More that we wake up to what is inspiring us and bring our energy to our inspiration. Then, of course, comes the work of continually checking into keeping balanced through this process...

What is inspiring you today?

Living radiantly,

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