02 Teacher Story


This close teacher-duo is Linda and Lindell. Their individual differences help them to work together at a higher level than they would alone.

At their Hatha yoga teacher training, they met when their teacher gave the class an assignment to teach a one-hour class to three people, and Linda thought it was a good idea to teach together since they were so different.

Linda is very organised, motivated and likes challenges. Lindell is rather easy-going and loves the feeling of freedom. This is visible in many ways - even their clothing reflects their different personalities.

On the other hand, they shared some commonalities too: both were home-based moms living nearby each other in Merode area of Brussels. They quickly decided to practice together while preparing to give their first yoga classes. The time spent together gave them the opportunity to discover that their differences were actually quite complementary and inspiring.

Teacher training completed, they started teaching summer classes at Park du Cinquantenaire close to their homes, which turned out to be a great success. Lots of people would sign up to the classes, and the park filled with mats.

Linda would often do the intro and closing of the sessions in a formal and cheerful way (thanks to her sense of structure), they would share teaching of the class (with Lindell demonstrating the poses). Class preparation was often done over lunch, and both enjoyed the experience. "We had so much fun!" is a frequent comment from both.

Besides teaching and studying together, the two have also inspired each other in their individual practices. Thanks to her natural flexibility, Lindell is able to go deep into her poses without feeling much resistance. While this is comfortable for her, she aspired to regain awareness of what a beginner may feel. Linda thought this was a great occasion for Lindell to try alignement-based Iyengar yoga. Trusting Linda's judgement, Lindell took some classes and learned a lot about using her muscles, which has been helpful for her teaching.

The fact that the two have different types of bodies presents them with the advantage of being able to show their students two different examples. Lindell is the picture of the pose, while Linda is its evolution. Comfortable with expressing herself through her body, Lindell shares photos of her favorite poses through her popular Instagram account, while Linda likes to guide her students in words and by adjusting their alignment in class.

As there is no one way of practicing and teaching yoga, so both think it is nice to show to their students that there can be two different paths on the same road. Both think that alignment is a very personal experience, just like the alignment of each body in a pose is slightly different.

Teaching together, like the classes Linda and Lindell gave together at the park, gives the opportunity to rely on two sets of strengths, but also calls for more flexibility than teaching alone. Even having planned a class, sometimes improvisation was required on the spot for instance in order to adjust a sequence or an instruction according to what the other one had just said.

Since then, the two have joined the Radiant Light Yoga Brussels teacher team and give classes individually, while referring students to each other and supporting each other with replacement help in case needed. In Linda's words: "I trust Lindell, I know she will make my students happy".

Their inspiration for teaching and personal practice comes from everywhere: live and video yoga classes, books, other sports disciplines, their children, and just simply from looking at what is happening in the world. For instance, as mothers of young children, they may observe them laying on their bellies while drawing, and ask their yoga students to think back at that time when they would still do things while laying on their bellies.

Sharing experiences and feedback, having two points of view, supporting each other, and learning from one another are carrying Linda and Lindell forward as a wonderful yoga teacher duo.

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