03 Golden Chain

Like Kristen wrote in her editorial, as students of yoga, we are all part of the lineage of wisdom-sharing. In this Golden Chain article we thought it is appropriate to feature Tias Little, the primary teacher of two of the lead trainers in the Yoga Fundamentals Teacher Training (starting January 2018): Wesley Bassett and Meghan Gjone. We interviewed Wesley to ask about what she has learned from her teacher.

Wesley: “What is the most inspiring for me is Tias’ deep insights on life. He is an academic and very literate in the way he speaks and explains things. Much of the practice is about the alignment of the body but he merges it so well with the subtle body that it’s an all-encompassing experience. It’s really a sensing practice, being mindful of your sensory awareness. He guides us there through poetry and meditation and stories that he uses a lot in his teaching.

He teaches “from the ground up”, so basically you are first learning about your feet and then he slowly moves up the body through each module until you get more towards your senior trainings where he starts to go deeper into the subtle body.

The further you go the more fine tuned it starts to become, and even he as a teacher is becoming more fine tuned, and specialising in some areas like somatics and Satya work which he has brought into the trainings. Satya stands for Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga and is about being movement, so rather than doing a pose it’s really about dropping into the feeling of movement.

I always learn more and I even feel how beneficial it is to repeat some of the taught modules because he is so deep that the second time around it will be different material. Sometimes it’s challenging because so much is covered at the trainings that you can’t possibly process it all. It’s more like a process of absorption and the learning is never really finished.

I didn’t know what I was seeking until I came upon him. Everything speaks to me in his teaching, and that’s rare, I think.”