03 Journal

I once heard that 30 percent of the population are seekers.
They know there’s something more.
Most probably they had a taste of oneness - in whatever form that might have been - and now the drive is there to look for wisdom.

I definitely am one of them.
And I bet you reading this, are too.

But where do you find the Truth?

I’ve read a whole lot, interviewed many people, traveled the world and took a lot of courses.
This way I gained a lot of knowledge.
But I stayed restless and realized my deeper drive was one for WISDOM.

It takes some courage (-cor: heart) to allow the silence necessary to digest wise words and let them sink to the level beyond thought.
But it is crucial.
Otherwise it is like throwing stones into a pond one after the other. There would constantly be ripples in the water. So how then can we see what is?

Let one of the goals of yoga be to stop the constant fluctuations of the mind so we can EXPERIENCE truth ourselves. That’s why I adore yoga. Yoga offers us a great road map towards wisdom, but our journey is a very unique one.
And you don’t have to believe anyone.

It’s not about books, teachers or other people, it’s about what they trigger in you.

And with you I don’t mean your thoughts. I mean the one who sees your thoughts come and go. You know.
When a teacher speaks from that digested place, I have smile on my face or goose bumps and then I know it arrived at the depth of the pond. When after those teachings I have some time to digest myself, I see it and I can teach it and master it.

I once wondered if all this looking for wisdom isn’t a dead-end road.
But I know now it isn’t.
It is a road filled with love and it’s the only road I want to take.

From one seeker to another, I encourage you to keep on seeking. (and finding)

We are on this great journey together.
And we meet beyond the words, in the experience of love.
In the stillness of the water we sink away into true knowing.

-Sophie Snoeckx

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