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Open your heart with Yoga, clear your mind through Meditation, inspire your being with Wisdom and awake your soul with Music.'

7th + 8th October, Amsterdam


Opportunities for self-study (svadhyaya) are boundless. We can practice at any moment, simply by paying attention. On occasion, opportunities come in a bigger package, and we are offered a gathering of wisdom in one large event. The Inner Peace Conference is one such event.

The conference is now in its second year, and the organisers at Delight Yoga have created a truly special weekend.

The locations for the event are a unique opportunity to practice and learn in sacred spaces. The venues are three beautiful churches in Amsterdam, and the event partner (our friends at Manduka) are creating a beautiful environment to support this inner work. The details of the planning reflect the conscious intention to weave inspiration into the fabric of the event.

With teachers from a variety of traditions, this conference will be full of wisdom. We are particularly humbled and delighted that Radiant Light Yoga will be part of the schedule. Please join us for this amazing weekend!