03 Recipe

Warm rays of September sun light up the slow-food canteen Chez Josy on Place Keym in Brussels. When entering and taking in the inspiring atmosphere, the colourful seasonal dishes and desserts are calling us to get cozy. Everything is organic, prepared with love and creativity in-house with good health in mind, and available to be enjoyed in or out. We learned that Chez Josy even caters for private events and delivers directly to the workplace...great discovery for the upcoming colder days ahead.
One of the season's colourful dishes at Chez Josy is a real invitation to abundance. Inspired by Ottolenghi, an Israeli-British chef, this recipe is great for enjoying some of the many old and delicious tomato varieties.

The oldest ancestor of tomato, Physalis infinemundi, grew over 50 million years ago in the current Antarctic that at that period was close to Australia and South Africa... that gives us an idea of the wisdom that the plant carries forward to this day!



100ml apple cider vinegar
¾ tbs whole cane sugar
½ tbs pink peppercorn
4 small round shallots, minced
1 tsp (or a little more) wasabi paste
50gr mascarpone
500gr ripe tomatoes (yesteryear varieties such as Green Zebra, Rose de Berne, Lemon Boy, Noire de Crimée, Orange Queen, Andean Cornue,… whatever sparks your inspiration!), cut in slices or quarters
1,5 tbs virgin olive oil (first cold pressed)
Sea salt and ground pepper
Tarragon leaves and fresh dill, chopped


Mix the vinegar, sugar, pink peppercorns and thyme in a small saucepan with a thick bottom. Bring to boil, add the shallots and let simmer for five minutes or until the shallots are tender. Remove from heat and reserve.


Beat the masracpone and wasabi together in a bowl. Reserve in a piping bag.


Gently mix the tomatoes with olive oil and a pinch of sea salt and pepper. Add the candied shallots, drained. Press small pearls of wasabi-mascarpone on the salad. Taste and adjust seasoning if needed. Decorate with tarragon leaves and fresh dill.