04 Editorial

When I was a child I had a friend who lived nearby whose dining room table was entirely covered with craft materials. Piles of coloured paper, big sheets of poster sized card, ribbons, buttons, scissors, paints, glitter, and large coffee cans filled with crayons and markers. Whilst the materials were wonderful, the most amazing part for me was that it was never tidied away. The table was always covered with this colourful assortment. We were encouraged to use whatever we wanted. As an adult, I now wonder where they had their meals, but as a little child I thought this was simply marvellous!

Early opportunities like this plant the seed for creativity to flourish in a multitude of directions: writing, crafting, teaching. To date, my biggest project has been Radiant Light Yoga, which has been a springboard for numerous other projects/initiatives. A joyful discovery related to creating RLY is that through collaboration, so much more is possible.

The renovation of the Brussels space was a major opportunity for creativity. When I first viewed the location, it could only be described as a derelict mess. The before and after photos do a great job in telling the story of how Francesca Puccio made the ‘day-dream’ planning into an architectural reality.

Working together with Wesley Bassett, Luc Acke and Meghan Gjone, we spent a year of creating a curriculum for the Yoga Fundamentals Teacher Training course. One aspect of this collaboration was to put together a manual for the trainees to use during their studies and for future support in their teaching. The photos for the manual show a bit of the behind-the-scenes fun.

The talented yoga teachers who inspire students in the yoga shala are also creating projects of their own. In this issue: Fabienne Huygen shares her love of painting; Eva Svaneblom (who taught at RLY Brussels and is now living and teaching in Sweden) brings dance and yoga together in her video project; and Luc Acke writes about living a creative life.

Finally, with her luminous style Hanna Kuikka (the co-editor of Radiant Living and creator of gorgeous communications designs including the RLY website, our videos and marketing) uplifts us with her insights into the creative process.

I hope this issue of Radiant Living brings you inspiration!

Living radiantly,