04 Healing Art – Fabienne

Fabienne Huygen shares her love of painting. Join Fabienne each week for classes at Radiant Light Yoga Antwerp.

Already for some time I had had the pleasure to experience the power and magic of sound.

Then a few years ago I felt an unstoppable drive to work with colours, so I began painting. I created spirals and organic shapes, discovered modelling paste, and this way gave creative expression to various symbols. It became a series of around 50 small paintings on round canvas.

I found that working with the paintings is as if your inner child becomes healed and all the little pieces of your soul become visible. Every layer of paint gives more power and glow. You go through different emotions to make the diamond of your inner self shine bright. This gives a feeling of awe and liberation.

In the future I would like to bundle this set of paintings with affirmations and sounds, in order to develop a special healing card deck.


Creativity is a meditation in which you can express the most inner part of yourself and start 'to flow'.

When I facilitate workshops to small groups, the participants get to create their own symbol of empowerment on canvas in different shapes. Starting with a short ritual to ground ourselves before starting to paint, we we create a cosy, meditative space for creativity. Often the feedback from participants in our short sharing circle after painting is that they are left feeling enriched, joyful and connected.