04 Intuition & Creativity – Francesca

In 2016, as Radiant Light Yoga Brussels was being prepared for opening, we asked Francesca Puccio, the inventive founder of Standing Renovation, to bring in her expertise. With her help we were able to transform the space from a run-down construction site into the beautiful yoga sanctuary it is. Francesca tells us about her creative process and inspiration.

Could you describe your creative process when working with clients?

"I always start from a conversation with my clients, trying to understand what they are really looking for, how their lifestyle is and what meaning they attach to their home.

I ask a lot of questions and try to get a feeling about how they truly are.

Then I start the design with a precise assessment of the situation: photographic survey, dimensional survey etc. I prepare the plans of the existing situation on a workable format and I start sketching on top of them to see if I can improve the layout or change something.

This is where the creativity comes out and I must say it is a rather "magical" process. My mind combines the information I gathered and comes up with solutions and does it in its own special way. In fact I often start by sketching a few ideas by hands, then I let them "rest" and I often have some insights or new creative ideas in the middle of situations that have nothing to do with work: when I walk, or when I am resting, etc.

I trust very much these very special moments where my intuition comes up!

Once the general idea is decided I go deeper with defining the style. Again it comes in part from my clients' input (they show me pictures of interiors they like) and then it's mixed with a vision that I have to make everything work."

From where do you source your inspiration for your work?

"In my case it's practically everywhere as I am always seeing some interiors!

I of course look at interior magazines and pictures online (pinterest, houzz and instagram are great sources) but then I also pay attention to the houses I visit, to the cafes, restaurants, offices or shops. I also visit trade shows regularly.

Then I believe very much in self care both physically and emotionally: if I am tired or in a bad mood I won't be at my best in terms of creativity so I pay a lot of attention in keeping myself in a "beautiful state"."

In what kinds of situations do you normally find yourself most inspired?

"When I visit trade shows like the Salone del Mobile in Milan or the design week in London. In these occasions there is such a concentration of beautiful and inspiring new products that I am almost overwhelmed by it! Plus you get to know a lot of interesting people to build relationship with.

Then when I am working with people I like and admire: this also gives me a lot of energy and inspiration."

How do you perceive creativity in other areas of your life?

"I see it as a gift which comes up in all areas of my life when I am most in tune with myself and allow my intuition to talk.
It's not always easy as the busy-ness of our lives tend to shut it down. Hence the physical and emotional self-care."

If you could create anything, what would it be?

"Another company with a group of like minded people where everybody works in his/her area of excellence providing creative solutions that improve our clients' lives."

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