04 Life at RLY

Founder of Radiant Light Yoga and Radiant Living, Kristen MacPherson

Manuals for teacher training programmes have always been a source of interest for me. When I took part in my first training, one of the highlights was to have my own copy of the manual! I remember distinctly feeling so enthusiastic about having so much information at my fingertips.

That said, if I’m being honest, I always felt a little less enthused about the design of the various manuals I’ve received. The content was wonderful, but it was often presented in a less-than-inspiring format.

So when it came to creating our Yoga Fundamentals 200hr teacher training, the design of the manual was a major opportunity for creativity. Our remit was to convey information with clarity, so that our trainee teachers felt challenged, inspired and supported during their course. We came up with the idea of having a ‘workbook’ instead of a standard manual. The intention with the workbook is that it requires participation on the part of the trainee - so it isn’t just something to read, but also a place to record notes and develop learning over the course of the training.

With the help of the wonderful Meije Timmerman and Hanneke Thielen, we had a few photoshoots for our asana section of the workbook. I wish we had a video of this process - it was so much fun. One highlight was to have Meghan hold a handstand for several minutes while we got the lighting just right… and she did! The resulting photos are so helpful in conveying the intentions and the actions of the postures.