04 The Art of Creating Our Heaven On Earth – Hanna

Our Radiant Living co-editor Hanna Kuikka, the creator of Nowlicious and Creative Communications Company All Authentic, shares her creative process.

"It is often in times of quiet reflection where I find my own inner core and the ocean of appreciation for the magnificence of life that is waiting for me there.

That is when I come back home to my temple of thought and feeling, to sensing being alive and everything that it means. In my quiet space I never feel alone… on the contrary I feel connected to all that is more than at any other time. I feel Life within me seeking to be known and experienced. I feel Beauty wanting me to accept its invitation to a slow and deliberate dance. I feel Truth knocking on the doors of my awareness, welcoming me deeper and deeper into its universe of peace.

Then, faced with the realities of human life, I often feel the desire to learn to take that inner temple of mine with me wherever I go. To be able to access it at any time, anywhere, in any situation. My dream has always been to be able to inhabit that temple of peace and nourishing graciousness in simple everyday life even when outer quietness is not available. To make my inner world come alive on the outside, so they can be together in harmony. To make the night and the day part of the same whole, not as opposites but as natural friends and allies.

To integrate the “nothing’s” and “always’s” and “good’s” and “bad’s” and make room for more stability and discernment. To evolve from judgement to acceptance, to appreciation, and from there to inspiration and finally, to creation.

I have come to regard creativity as one of the highest purposes of being alive. Building awareness, opening perception and going deeper into the experience of life are certainly up there with creativity for me, but I feel creativity to be the fruit that those others are wanting to grow in me.

In fact, I believe that it is Life’s Magnificence that is wanting to experience itself through our constant creativity of more of itself in everything we do, feel and think. I believe we are all actors in a big play where perhaps some is planned, some improvisation, and some born out of the joy of the moment. That all of us are in principal role creating the heart of the play.
 And from whatever angle I look at things, I end up with the same conclusion: that there is a purpose for our desire to create a good play.


So how can we create our Heaven on Earth, a continuous inner experience of greatness, joy and awe? It is an inside process that translates into outer circumstances, events and tangible goods that in turn feed us with a double experience of greatness. A positive loop that nourishes our soul.

Over the years I have examined my own creative process as a creative professional, and seen that the greatest work I produce always follows me going through three steps. They are, in the right order: appreciation, inspiration, creation.

And as creativity is about being an open channel for something to take form through us, we do well to focus on some clarity and direction-building groundwork briefly before starting... well, anything really - since I've seen that this process works for creating anything we desire.


I have found that I am able to leave most room for life to do its magic, at the same time as preparing myself for the creative process, by imagining myself in awe after the cycle of creation has been completed.

Sometimes it is suitable to be specific about what we want, but what I have found to work best is to go general and let the Magnificence of Life surprise us in the best possible ways. Often our imagination is limited to what we already know, whereas the intelligence of the universe is boundless.

By imagining ourselves in awe after having completed the experience that is about to start we can immediately take ourselves from wanting something to change or improve, or having a need or a want, to an inner state of power, sweetness and connection. We go from wanting or needing to being open for a creative flow to come through us and transform itself into giving and contributing.

I’ve found that when starting in this manner, the final end result is likely to be awe-inspiring no matter what happens during the 3-step creative process.


I like to think of the first step - appreciation - as a study of beauty. Like children who have an incredible ability to connect to the awe of observing life, our adult memory of how good it feels like does also get lit up on those occasions when our attention is drawn to things that move us. When we get lit up, is when we get closer to our true creative nature.

Appreciation is to notice, to take count, to let something permeate our consciousness in such a way that we get in touch with sweetness and a nurturing vibration, a constructive energy. To appreciate can simply be to notice the full existence of something that is, instead of taking it for granted. Appreciation is to notice the uniqueness of something.

Appreciation is a giving energy. Giving our attention, our interest, our consideration.

Sometimes appreciation comes from a place of not needing everything to suit our liking, but appreciating the fact that we are all part of a huge ecosystem of a universe where everything plays an important part.

If it is for someone else that we are creating, the road to a place of appreciation can be fairly easy. When we are creating something for ourselves, the road to appreciation may require more work. In order to create for ourselves we must honour ourselves and the gifts of that what we want to create. However, we are our own strictest judges, and therefore in order to appreciate ourselves we often have to get past layers of limiting feelings and beliefs of our own goodness before reaching appreciation. Often the road goes through unwinding our pain.


The second step in the process of creating greatness - inspiration - is a very pleasurable one. During this step all of the effort we have given to get to a place of appreciation is paid back to us by a flood of a growing sense of inspiration, ideas, and positive energy. Something inside of us is moved by what we have observed and come to appreciate, and gets a flow of excitement going within us. We are moved to wanting to make creation a step more concrete. Our will and willingness to participate in constructive creation is heightened to a level where we are able to touch the field of infinite possibilities from where all creativity originates. We become excited and energised. Positive expectation is born in us.


When inspiration arises in us, we do well to get into action - to step three: creation - immediately, in order to grow the most delicious fruits of it. This final step is the only one where our effort is directed outward. Whatever our inspiration has brought to us as ideas, now is the time to realise and materialise them. Time for action to bring the object of our creation to full life.

I've seen that practicing this full cycle process of creativity allows us to honor our focused energy as a precious resource that, when used with truth-infused intention, has the power to create miracles in our lives.

To me, the incredible joy and awe of witnessing this process working brings a sense of magic and gratitude for the intelligence with which the magnificent universe of ours operates to yield us with an ever-expanding experience of our own Heaven on Earth.