04 Yoga, dance & creativity – Eva

Our Radiant Light Yoga community is international! Eva Svaneblom, one of our former Brussels-based teachers who has since moved back to her home country Sweden, tells us about her creative yoga and dance practices.

Basically, I have had yoga with me for as long as I have been dancing.

As I first started high school to join a programme where dancing was part of the curriculum, I also found a yoga studio nearby. The teacher was a dancer as well and absolutely lovely. I was hooked!

Sometimes I don’t even know in what the two would be separate activities.

Yoga and dance training have taught me wonderful things. Patience, acceptance and body/mind awareness are core ones. How yoga helped me in my dance training was that it gave my body an antidote to pushing, pulling, over-training and comparing myself to others. As I stepped onto my mat I learned how to square up my body after hard days of training or rehearsing for shows and this has been such a gift! I really think I have yoga to thank for being able to go through dance education free of injuries. Thank you guru Yoga!

For the past eight years as I have been freelancing as a dancer and choreographer, yoga has served as my warm up, my wind down and my constant practice. New geographical places, new housing, new colleagues, new creative work, Yoga has luckily stayed constant.

About two years ago I finally took the step of doing a Yoga Teacher’s Training, going to India for an intense 200hrs course. I absolutely loved being able to nerd out on all we got to learn there. I went with a friend of mine and after long days we sat down on the porch of our bungalow to study some more. We laughed as we helped each other memorize new Sanskrit words and we pepped each other to really get the most out of our time there. When I got back to Europe I was fortunate enough to get to share my old and newfound knowledge with wonderful students who, just like me, loved to challenge themselves on that ‘good old mat’.

Being a creator of dance and movement, I am always looking for inspiration and creativity. To a certain extent I find that I can force some creativity to come out if I have to. It might be me having to come up with a new idea, a choreography to teach in one of my classes - or a new yoga flow for that matter. But the other part, the not-as-forced-creativity, I leave to my body do discover. And for that I need a functional body that I can trust to take me places, and a mind that keeps up with the seeds of ideas shooting up.

Creating both dance and yoga flows are in a way similar to me. Movement is my binding agent and although dance has more binding agent and less set postures I find I work with them in similar ways. I am trying to play - taking it serious enough to believe in what I am doing but joyful enough for it to stay inspirational and with a sense of openness.

Image credit: Nicolas Ipina